Getaway on Grafton

Trouble free wifi since Sepember 2018

Getaway on Grafton offers fully self contained holiday accommodation close to the city.

Being a sold reinforced concrete construction, the existing exterior wireless access points did not offer the level of performance the average holiday customer requires.

We installed a dslam along side the existing pabx telephone system. Utilising the phone lines to provide internet in every room.

The existing phone line will continue to work so guests can still ring reception and ring out as required.

A wireless modem is installed alongside the phone line. Delivering excellent wifi signals for the guests to enjoy.

At a glance, reception staff can see the status of the guest wifi.

Any rooms that have wifi offline will show red on the screen.

So you can proactively investigate the cause of the outage before the guest makes a complaint.

Thanks Kevin and wish you all the best.