Alamanda Palm Cove

Completed 2021

Alamanda Palm Cove has been plagued with negative feedback from poor wifi signal.

This place has some of the thickest reinforced concrete walls I have ever seen.

We installed a DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) at the MDF in the basement comms room.

Previous companies had suggested the phone cabling wasn’t up to the task of providing broadband.

This is BS. We have proven this many times before. If a phone connected to the PABX works then our system will work

Some of the apartments are split level so we had to install a modem in the living area and a second modem in the split area. Due to the nature of strata and body corporate, this project has been a long time coming over 4 years however was completed in early 2021. Just in time for the influx of southerners craving a break from covid and lockdowns.