Bellevue at Trinity Beach

Welcome aboard Bellevue at Trinity Beach

This property had external wireless devices in the corridors that were blasting radio waves into the rooms.

Unfortunately the building is reinforced concrete so the performance was poor and the guests were not happy with the experience.

We installed a DSLAM in the reception area and jumpered a port to each of the rooms.

Then installed a modem in each room.

The phone is located near the kitchen and central to the apartment.

The modem is fitted underneath the phone and out of harms way.

Coverage is excellent throughout the apartment.

Head end equipment is installed next to the MDF and PABX.

The VDSL signals are introduced into the phone line to allow data to the guest rooms.

Each guest has their own modem in the room so there is never any issues with wifi strength or dropouts.

Thanks Greg & Laura for your business and we wish you all the best.